YUTANI CORPORATION Air Tools/ Oil Pulse Tools
Highly Rigid Tools Popular for Long Life & Infrastructure, Ship Building

Yutani Corporation is popular name for highly rigid air tools that lasts for several years in tough working environment. Yutani tools find applications in Passenger Car, Trucks, Tractor assemblies, Medium and large size Diesel engine assemblies, Ships building, Infrastructure, construction, roads, railways, bridge building, metros related applications where only rigid tools can work over period. Many Yutani customers use tools several years to few decades.

Heavy Duty Hydro-Pulse, Pneumatic Tools, Air Motors and Winches

Yutani Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of standard and specialized pneumatic tools in the field of assembly tools, heavy duty tools used in automobile, heavy duty trucks and diesel engine manufacturing, machinery, railways, defense vehicles, ship building, construction and infra-structure industry. Yutani tools are worldwide popular for reliability and longer operation life.

Hydro-Pulse Tools HPW- ALFA

The Yutani Hydro-Pulse tools incorporate three-blade, twin-chamber motor construction for better operation performance and extreme low vibrations. The third blade, one of the key parts of the innovative a series ensures exact sealing at all times, generating high torque at one pulse per rotation with high repeatability. This results in higher performance in comparisons with conventional two-blade models.


Ultra strong three-blade hydro-pulse design

Smooth sliding blade design for low vibrations and low wear

Powerful Twin-chamber motor for higher operation efficiency

Precision elliptical sliding surface reduces wear of rotor vanes

Tightening torque can be easily adjusted by controlling the airflow

Muffler exhaust outlet is adjusted in the range of 360°


YUTANI Pneumatic Tools

The Yutani pneumatic tools have numerous advantages like better cost performance ratio, longer operation life, consistent torque drive, heavy duty design, less maintenance and less noise, vibrations for operator friendly working environment. M/S Yutani Corporation assures on top product quality and operation life for Industrial applications compared with other available products in the market.

Product Range

Impact Wrenches (Straight and Pistol models)

Impact Wrenches (Long chuck driver models)

Impact Wrenches (Corner type standard and heavy duty models)

Impact Screwdrivers (Straight and angular models)

Angle Grinders (Straight type, Pencil type, Angular)

Rotary Straight and Corner type Air Drills

Air Hammers

Air Motors

Air Winches

Chipping Hammers

Electronic Torque Control Wrenches and Systems

Air Motors and Pneumatic Nut runners