SAN-EI SEIKI is Japanese leader in Ergonomic and material handling systems Air Hoist, Air Motors, Air Winch, Air Balancer, Hydraulic Motors etc. SAN-EI is well recognized name for manufacturing from tiny small air motors to special explosion proof/ Pneumatic cranes used for LNG pump handling at Gas/ Oil fields.

SAN-EI SEIKI being manufacturer of heavy duty Vane motors, these Air Hoist are extremely durable and gives trouble free operations in Automobile, Heavy Duty engineering industries, Fabrication shops, Casting and Auto parts manufacturing, Steel industries, Mines etc applications. These Air Hoists are economical with long life. We also allow our customers to import them from Japan for cost savings.

Air Hoist


High Speed to Low Speed Control – Lift speed can be controlled from high to low speed to meet your specific work demand

Simple Speed Controls – With the push button type, speed can be controlled by the touch applied to the button. With the string or wire rope type Air Hoist string is pulled

Smoother Operability – The newly developed unique structure provides smoother operability, easier handling and quick response

Compact and Light-weight Design

High Durability for Working in high Temperature and Humidity – Designed for usage in high temperature environments, Chemical fumes, inflammable gas

Effective Braking – Durable pneumatic brake allows safe stopping

Different Capacity Models – Ranging from 250 Kgs to 10 Tons

Safety Features – Pendant models available
with optional Emergency Stop Switch

Vane Motor (VA)

SAN-EI manufactures compact, light weight, high durable Vane Motors. VA series is most popular in various fields. Unique design features for low speed torque and high starting torque. For requirements in extra low speed or the extra high torque, the optional reducers are available. Models available from 0.14 kW to 0.9 kW output models.

Vane Motor (VF)

VF Series are popular as total result of Compact and Light-Weight design, High quality machining and finishing. Used in wide applications of Medium and high Torque requirements. In case of extra low speed or extra high torque, optional reducers are available. Various mountings Flange, face and Base mount models available. Models available from 0.3 kW to 7.89 kW output models.

Radial Piston Motor

SAN-EI has long term know-how in production of Radial Piston Motors and these are popular piston motors for various applications. Low speed and High Torque are salient features of the design. This piston motor can be used with compact reducer and in low noise area. Recommended for Air Hoist, Air Winches applications. Direct piping can be connected for air motor. Optional accessories like Air Brake, Reduction Gear and Pneumatic Equipments etc are available

Gear Turbine Motor

Construction of Gear Turbine Motor is same as Gear Pump. No sliding parts design allows rotation without friction heat-up. Motor is equipped with speed governor. 5.6 to 37.7 kW output models available.

Air Winch

This is multi-purpose air winch. This includes standard radial piston air motor and control valve. SAN-EI has installed several Air winches for applications in Shipyard, Off-shore usage for Oil and Gas companies, Civil and Building Construction, Infra-structural activities. Models available from 2 kN to 50 kN capacity to suit diversified application requirements.

Air Mixer

Air mixer is the best choice for mixing the solvents such as Paints, Chemical liquids, the mortar etc. Air motor design allows no-sparking, no-flashing, no-electricity shock. The mixing speed can be easily adjusted by speed controller. Models available for 20 and 200 L capacity.