World Class Assembly Solutions / Assembly Technique

Nagahori Industry Co. Ltd. is an original assembly solutions supplier to major Japanese automobiles and white goods industries, NAC products are also popular in India, Asian and American Subcontinent.
Arhan supply wide range of NAC bits, sockets and TORX® Tools


The NAC brand bits are made of high grade materials with superior tip machining and unsurpassed heat treatment. These industrial bits improve working efficiency and reliability with minimum marks on fastened screws or Allen keys. This makes NAC brand bits popular in Japanese Automobile, White Goods and several types of manufacturing industries in Japan and their overseas manufacturing facilities and plants. Nagahori industry in association with Arhan has developed several bit models using special material and hardness to suit screws used in the Indian industries for longer operation life and better product quality.

Available Screwdriver Fastening Bits

Driver Philips Single Ended Bits

Driver Philips Double Ended Bits

Hexagonal Head Bits

TORX Internal Driver Bits

TORX Tamper Resistant Driver Bits

TORX External Driver Bits

TORX Sockets

Magnetic Screw Holders

Slotted Bits

Bit Extension Bars

Bits for Countersink Screws

Angle Driver Sockets and Bits

Insert Bits and Holders for Insert Bits

Bits for Electrical Screwdrivers

NAC Impact Sockets and Assembly Fastening Solutions

Nagahori industry is providing solutions to several Japanese industries since 1968. The solutions are designed for higher productivity, easy and quick ways of assemblies with superior product finish, automobile body cosmetics requirements and reduced operator fatigue. The minimum number of fastening tools on assembly line with quick change attachments and reliable solutions improves the productivity and minimizes the fastening problems. The world-class manufacturing solutions are available in India to lead the global automobile market.

Assembly Fastening Solutions

Standard long life Sockets/ Deep Sockets

Magnetic Impact Sockets / Press Inverted Sockets

Magnetic Bolt Clearance Sockets (Sliding type)

Hexagonal Head Screw Sockets 6

Universal Sockets (Standard and Extension type)

Tap Holding Sockets

Urethane Snap to attach rubber seals to car doors and windows

Quick action chucks (Ball Lock and Chuck type)

Restorer for damaged threads

Nylon Caps to prevent damage to the car body

Antenna fitters

Anti-vibration Sockets

Standard and Sliding Magnetic Nut Setters

Nylon Sockets (Polished Bolts Fastening)

Spline Sockets

TORX® Tools

TORX® tools are widely used in automobile and other engineering industries around the world for quality, durable, damage free assemblies. NAC produced TORX ® tools have better quality to meet world class requirements in quality assemblies.