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Arhan’s Assembly solutions division is authorized distributor for LOBSTER Brand Riveters. These riveters are popular for Quality Riveting and Product life.

MILLENNIUM SERVICES                              LOBSTER AR2000 Series

Integrated Vacuum System

The new Millenium 2000 Series riveters are built with a high impact polymer case to deliver value and performance in a lightweight, powerful package. The 2000 Series features a quicker rivet setting cycle and longer stroke for increased productivity. Lobster's exclusive Soft-Set shockless technology absorbs jarring vibrations, which enhances worker safety and minimizes the risk of CTDs.. The new Lobster 2000 Series--setting new standards for blind riveting.


Lightweight, with excellent power-to-weight ratio

Soft-Set shockless technology offers ergonomically correct action to minimize risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders)

Ultra Jaws for longer life

Noise-reducing muffler

Wide variety of rivet sizes ranging from 2 mm upto 6.4 mm

Wear-resistant surfaces extend tool life

Air whip hose can be connected to either side of tool for flexibility in use

Long stroke

Integrated vacuum system for mandrel retention and collection

Mandrel collection bottle design allows for easy disposal of spent mandrels.

Technical Specifications

Model No. Riveting Capacity Traction Power Stroke Working Air Pressure Air Consumption Weight
AR 2000 SV For setting standard Blind Rivets 1/8" (3.2 mm) in all materials, and upto 5/32" (4 mm) in aluminium and steel 429 Kg / 4208 N 14 mm 5 ~ 6 kg/cm2 90 ltrs / min 1.25 Kg
AR 2000 MV For setting Blind Rivets 3/16" (4.8 mm) in all materials 818 Kg / 8024 N 16 mm 5 ~ 6 kg/cm2 90 ltrs / min 1.35 Kg
AR 2000 HV For setting standard Blind Rivets 3/16" ~ 1/4" (4.8 ~ 6.4 mm) in all materials 1247 Kg / 12232 N 18.5 mm 5 ~ 6 kg/cm2 120 ltrs / min 1.8 Kg


LOBSTER ARF-700M is highly popular automotive rivet feeding system with numerous advantages

Automotive rivet feeding for 3.2 mm, 4 mm, 4.8 mm rivets

Portable hopper can be moved around or placed out of the way under counter or workstation

Can be adapted to a variety of workstation configurations for maximum productivity and fatigueless operator comfort

Non-fed rivets are dropped down through tube to holding tank without jamming or shutting the machine

Works on any standard M-size Lobster tool with vacuum


Lobster Hand Riveters are known for heavy duty and positive riveting applications. Millions of tools are in operation worldwide.


Aluminum die cast frame and drop forged chrome vanadium steel level handle

Wide and self opening spring for better re-gripping

Automatic mandrel ejection

Various models to suit applications

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Hand Tool Model Max. Rivet Size Length Weight
HR-001 General Duty Hand Riveter 4.8 mm 300 mm 660 gm
HR-002 General Duty Hand Riveter 4.8 mm 270 mm 550 gm
HR-002D Floating Jaw case Type 4.8 mm 270 mm 530 gm
HR-005 Swinger 2 Way Hand Riveter 4.8 mm 282 mm 750 gm
HR-200 Floating Jaw case Type 4.0 mm 200 mm 385 gm


LOBSTER Brand hand tools are most useful for electricians, electrical industries for all types of crimping work.

Product Range

Crimping Pliers

Mini Crimping Tools

Ratchet Hand Crimping Tools

Heavy Duty Crimping Tools

Hydraulic Crimping Tools